Stone Transformed

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Andy Sudkamp Memorial

The basalt column is 4’ H x 24” in diameter and is carved to resemble a crystal or gem emerging from the natural stone. The circular sculpture “Equatorial Equinox #5” was purchased by Evergreen Arboretum to placed on the basalt base.

Andy was a school teacher and active member of the community sharing his passion for life and science. Andy died of a heart attack while hiking with his brother in the Grand Canyon and is survived by his wife Mary Ann.

Moon Over Lake Oswego

The two 9’ H  basalt columns weigh 2,000 pounds each and represent the many facets of wind textures on water and waves. The high polish and reflections relate to the prism effect when looking through water. The 4’ dia granite moon weighs 1,000 lbs and is gold leafed in the two notches. See Article in the Lake Oswego Review. | Link to story. | View pdf of story.