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Before There Were Words

Dave Haslett           August 3-29, 2021

Preview Wed. Aug. 4, 5-8pm

First Thursday Aug. 5, 5:30-8
The stone sculptures by Dave Haslett are created from stones millions of years old. During the time earth was forming these materials under immense heat and pressure they slowly transformed into Onyx from Arizona, Onyx from Australia and Serpentine from the Pacific Northwest. The need to explain and analyze everything had not yet evolved as there were no humans to form words. The artist's intent is to let the sculpture appear as if shaped by wind and water.  The color and form of these pieces invite the viewer to interact with each stone and develop their own words.   This show is dedicated to the memory and spirit of Jennifer Zika
Waterstone Gallery124 NW 9th Avenue
Portland Oregon 97209
Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11-5:30, Sun 11-4

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